April 2014

Carol Knight caught this 30lb+ haul in less than 3 hours yesterday evening 3-4-14 all taken on the tip and pellet.

Carols 30lb+ net caught in less than 3 hours photo Carols30lbcatchcaughtinlessthan3hrs.jpg

This monster was part of her haul.

Part of Carols 30lb+ catch photo AveryniceTenchwhichwaspartofCarolshaul.jpg

John held a Easter Monday flyer on the pond yesterday afternoon, 1st place went to John(carp)Kay with a 35lb 1oz net of carp.
John Kays winning catch tonight (21-4-14) 35lb 1oz photo 1398113547856.jpg
Second place was Jimmy Brown with another nice net weighing 30lb 13oz
 photo 1398113572992.jpg

Albert Malcomson was 3rd with 25lb 15oz. Sorry Bertie no picture.

Nice return to the pond for carp angler Tim.
Nice return to the pond for carp angler Tim. photo 1398113658520.jpg

Kev`s early evening (26-4-2014)catch Tench and Bream

Kevs catch photo 1398682142834.jpg

But not as good as Carols catch Bream to 4lb+

 photo 1398682168899.jpg

Another early evening catch for Kev taken today 28-4-14
Another arly evening catch for Kev estimated @50lb photo 1398712458150.jpg
Estimated at 50 lb. At this rate the post 2010 match record will go again