May 2014

Steve Drinkwaters 12lb10oz net of F1`s
Steve Drinkwaters 12lb10z of F1`s photo 1399905362039.jpg

Nice Tench caught by Danny Morris on Duttons
Danny`s Tench photo 1399905333157.jpg

Kev Knight left the match at Dunham today 7/5/14 because of the high winds and fished Duttons for 5 hours and had over 30lb of Tench,Bream and small carp.

Kev`s 30 lb + catch 7/5/14 photo 1399491048304.jpg

Wilf Griffins 16lb winning catch today 11/5/14 on Duttons. Narrowly beating Albert Malcombson who weighed in 15lb8oz.Jimmy Brown was third with 7lb6oz.
Wilf Griffins 16lb winning catch 11/5/14 photo 1399905263003.jpg

Albert Malcombson`s winning net of 46lb of Tench and Carp. UAA Evening Series 12/5/14.

Berties 46lb winning net of Carp and Tench Monday Evening Series 12/5/14 photo 1399967569640.jpg

2nd with 26lb 15oz was John Lynch and in joint 3rd place John Kay and Gary O`neil with 12lb 7oz

Wilf Griffin fished yesterday early evening 16/5/14 and netted this fine 30lb+ catch of Tench and small Carp

30lb+ catch of Tench and small Carp16/5/14 photo 1400313729151.jpg