Club Rules

 Urmston Angling Association General Rules

1 Administration

1.01 The Club shall appoint three Trustees whom shall be indemnified out of assets of the Club against any risk and expense incurred by them in their office.

1.02 The Club shall elect annually a Youth Development Officer and a Child Protection Officer. Their duties will be defined by the Committee and will both serve on the Management Committee.

1.03 There shall be a Management Committee of 15 members (including Officers) elected annually except Pond Manager (see rule 1.10). A quorum of 5 shall be required for meetings and the Committee have authority to co-opt. Venue and times of meetings to be decided by a majority vote at a normal monthly meeting.

1.04 An Annual General Meeting must be held between 1st. January and 31st. March each year. A Special General meeting may be called by the Management Committee or upon presentation to the Committee of a petition signed by at least 30 members.

1.05 Committee members must declare their involvement on the Committee of any other Club or Association. The Chairman shall have the discretion to ask such Committee member to withdraw from discussion on any matter where it may be thought that a conflict of interest could arise to the detriment of Urmston Angling Association.

1.06 Subject to the over-riding authority of a general meeting, the Committee ruling shall be final in administrative matters of the Club.

1.07 A member or Official may be summoned to appear before the Committee regarding any alleged breach of Club rules.

1.08 The committee shall on proof to its satisfaction, expel any member for conduct that it considers being contrary to the best interest of the Club. An individual may exercise his/her right to appear before the Committee in defence of such allegations as may lead to his/her expulsion.

1.09 The Committee may have discretion to allow into membership, persons who have shown good support to Club functions, providing vacancies for membership exist.

1.10 A Pond Manager shall be elected by a majority vote at the AGM, once in office, he/she will serve for a period of at least three years subject to their approval. He will serve on the Management Committee. He will have the authority to appoint a sub-committee but these members will not serve on the Management Committee.

1.11 Management Committee must attend 75% of meetings. Failure will be deemed as having resigned and he/she will not be eligible for re-election (apologies for absence count as attendance).

1.12 The Committee shall have power, from time to time, to make such byelaws – subject to approval of a General Meeting – as they may deem necessary for the government of the Club and all matters not provided for in the rules shall be decided by them.

1.13 No fish, plants or other items to be introduced or taken out of the water without written permission signed by Pond Manager and either/or Chairman/Secretary. Any member breaking this rule will have their membership terminated.

2 Subscriptions

2.01 The financial year shall be the 1st. January to 31st. December. The Membership year shall be 1st April to 31st March. The renewal of annual membership fees to be sent by post to the Treasurer’s PO Box address no later than 30th April. A stamped addressed envelope to be enclosed. Fees received post-marked later than end of February will deem the individual as having resigned membership. He/she must then rejoin as a new member in accordance with Rule 9.03 – providing vacancies exist. Current subscription rates are: Senior £30, Junior £8 and OAP’s £20.

2.02 There will be an annual levy of £5 per SENIOR member to ensure attendance at work parties. Any member completing a work party, will not be levied the following year. Registered Disabled Members exempt.

2.03 All new members to pay subscription plus entry fee of £15 plus work party levy of £5. Persons wishing to become members should be proposed and seconded by existing members and may be requested to appear before the Committee before fishing the pond.

2.4 Members must carry their membership card and National Rod Licence (unless exempt as per EA) at all times when fishing De Brooke pool. Failure to produce the card or licence when asked will result in the member being asked to leave the pool. Permits are not transferable and any member has the right to challenge any person fishing the pool, to produce his/her permit. Any member losing his/her permit may be charged the cost of a replacement.

2.5 When attaining the age of 80, members with 10 years service or more will be given honorary life membership

3 Fishing

3.01 With the exception of April – which is for Work Parties – the pond is open for fishing for the rest of the year. No member allowed to fish De Brook Pool during May unless they have attended at least one Work Party during the previous twelve months.

3.02 Day fishing allowed one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset, except when rule 3.03 applies.

3.03 Night fishing only by permit from Bailiff or Club Official – max 6 members – NO JUNIORS. Two rods allowed when night fishing. Times of night fishing one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise.

3.04 Day fishing with one rod only except from October 1st to March 31st when two rods are allowed for Senior & Veteran members only.

3.05 All lines to be attached to rods. Hook lengths must be used at all times and be of lesser breaking strain than main line. Barbless hooks only to be used on any UAA water or official UAA event. Suitably sized landing nets to be assembled prior to fishing and used when necessary. ALL fish must be disgorged (unhooked) off the floor.

3.06 Keep nets are allowed.

3.07 No more than 1lb. dry weight cereal or other base ground bait allowed. The use of any forms of nut (i.e. Peanut, Tiger nut etc.) either as loose feed or hook bait prohibited. No floating baits of any kind to be used on De Brook. Collecting of bloodworm not allowed on UAA waters. Fixed leads prohibited. Only single sided, in-line, free running method feeders with a surface size no greater than two square inches allowed.

3.08 Anglers to fish only from marked pegs. There must be no more than one angler per peg unless one of the anglers is under 11 years old. In this instance, one of the anglers must be a parent/guardian and must be a member taking full responsibility.

3.09 All members to cease fishing whilst work parties are in progress.

3.10 Fishing to cease one hour before any official Club match.

3.11 De Brook pool will be closed for fishing from 7:00pm on the evenings of monthly meetings and Committee members may be detailed to check and report any member found fishing.

3.12 No spinning, no live or dead baiting allowed on any Club waters or in Club matches.

3.13 De Brooke pool shall not close for weekend matches if less than twenty members are competing and fifteen pegs shall be left free for pleasure anglers.

4 Conduct

4.01 Transistor radios must not be played at the poolside. Camping or lighting of fires is prohibited.

4.02 Members are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly manner.

4.03 Shop-sealed tins taken on the pool (i.e. sweet corn, luncheon meat) and drink cans must be removed when fishing completed.

4.04 Each angler is responsible for any litter deposited by himself or herself – or anyone else – within the vicinity from which he/she is fishing, prior to commencement and upon completion of fishing.

Junior Section

1 Junior members will only vote on matters that directly concern events organised exclusively for them.

2 As of 3rd February 2009 the Junior Membership joining fee shall be waived until further notice

3 Any current Junior Member introducing a new Junior Member to the Club will receive 1 years free membership the following year (Maximum 1 free year per Junior Member)

4 No member under 18 years of age may fish de Brook Pool unsupervised – unless they have the consent of their parent/guardian.