Match Rules

Urmston Angling Association Match Rules

1. The mode of fishing shall be confined to angling with one rod and line with no more
than two hooks. Each angler shall bait his/her own hook and strike and land his/her own fish.
2. The time for commencement of fishing will be known by a given signal.
Any competitor throwing in any ground bait or feed before the signal shall be disqualified.
3. Each competitor intending to ‘weigh in’ shall remain at his ground until the
parties appointed to weigh in arrive.
4. Any member fishing after the ‘all out’ will be disqualified. A competitor hooking a
fish prior to the ‘all out’ may land the fish, subject to verification from two fellow competitors
– the time limit being 15 minutes.
5. All members booking on any Club trips are liable for bank fees and (if applicable)
coach fees unless their places can be reassigned to another person or a reasonable explanation – in
writing – is given to an Officer of the Club at least
7 days prior to the event or in the case of illness, within 7 days after the event. Any member
travelling to away venues by other means of transport, pay coach fees if applicable. Any member in
arrears from an away trip shall not be allowed to fish any club matches until arrears are paid.
6. More than one rod may be set up at the start of a match, but only one rod may be
baited and used at any one time. Swim feeders and bait droppers allowed. Plumbing of depth allowed
prior to the ‘all in’ signal. The draw must
be made before fishing commences, whenever possible the bank must be pegged before the draw. No
competitor to draw more than one peg.
7. Nominated Officials shall supervise the allocation and draw of pegs and the weighing
in and shall ensure proper conduct of the match. The decision at the
bank side about interpretation of match rules is final, subject to verification by the committee.
8. Any dispute/objections arising from the match must be raised with the nominated
Officials before prizes and points are distributed. The nominated Officials shall decide upon any
such disputes or objections. Appropriate action
may be taken, (i.e. disqualification, forfeiture of pool money, prizes etc. and
possible further disciplinary action by the Committee).
9. At the commencement of fishing, each competitor must fish the allocated peg and must
not move more than 1 yard each side, except in extenuating circumstances. No competitor may give
away, sell or exchange his peg ticket.
10. Each angler is responsible for agreeing weight given to him by the scales- man is
correct. He/she must not interfere with the scales or attachments thereof
whilst weighing is in progress. Any disagreement must be stated before fish are
returned to water.
11. De Brook championship decided by a series of evening matches in the summer and 6 Sunday
matches throughout the year, including the ‘Fur & Feather’ and ‘End of Season’ matches.
12. All knockout matches to be fished on De Brook pool with ‘home drawn’
anglers having the choice of peg.
13. Prizes and terms for home matches, social events and flyers to be decided by the management