UAA was formed in 1974 by a small group of like minded individuals who wanted somewhere local to fish. Duttons pond was acquired on lease from the then Urmston District Council. The inaugural general meeting was held on 29th January 1974 at Flixton House, the first committee meeting was on 6th February 1974 at Moorfield Annexe. Mr. G Porter was elected as Chairman,Mr A. Taylor Hon Sec., Mr. Brian Hill Vice Chairman. From this UAA was born. 

 The inaugral meeting was held on the 29th January. Day tickets were originally issued by Phillipsons Sports Outfitters, these tickets ceased to be issued by December 1974.
Urmston District Council donated paving flags for the use peg markers. Work parties were set up to make a start on laying these flags, and to make a start on clearing the weed which was extensive all over the pool.The club evening matches were originally held on Wednesdays. Councillor C. Warbrick donated a trophy for the Senior Club Champion. The 1974 chairman Mr. G. Porter donated a trophy for the Junior Club Champion. A fund raising dance was held at The John Alker Hall.




The first AGM was held on the 14th January 1975. A chemical  weed killer killer was introduced into the pond on the   17th May to try and combat the growth. The clubs first boat was purchased in August The junior match was fished on the 31st Aug The 1975 presentation dance was held on the 26th Sept. at the Princess Rooms. Match scales were purchased in November and winners of the Fur and Feather were 1st Mr Rose,2nd Mr. Griffin,3rd Mr Porter .

Senior Club Champion Mr. B. Hill. Junior club champion was Mr. M Davey.


 left to Right Mr A Brown, Mr. M Davey,Mr G Porter Councillor C. Warbrick, Mr N. Bennett, Mr B Hill and Mr P Barberis



This year saw keep nets being allowed for the first time for pleasure fishing on a trial basis, but they were to be withdrawn later on in the year, due to the very hot summer. A donation of a silk head scarf with fish prints on it was given to the club by Mr G. Wise this scarf was dated 1883.The Fur and Feather was fished on the 14th November. The presentation dance was again held at the Princess Rooms. Senior club champion was Mr. N. Jones, junior club champion Mr. Gary Shaw.Left to Right Mr N Bennett,Mr B Hill,Councillor C Warbrick,Mr N Jones,Mr G Porter,Mr G Shaw





Silver Jubilee Year
The AGM was held on the 11th January.
Away matches were booked for the River Severn , Attenborough Gravels, River Trent and Rudyard Lake
Donations of fishing tackle were received from members for disadvantaged children in the care.
A hot pot supper was arranged for the 5th March, next day the end of season match was fished ( with hangovers )
A film show was arranged by the Irish Tourist Board for the 10th May at the Nags Head.

Silver Jubilee matches were held on 26th June and the 4th Sept. The Junior match was fished on the 17th Sept. Monday night matches were well attended, the largest fish was a 3.5 pound common carp caught by Mr D Casey

The annual dance was held at the Princess rooms but for a change no bar turned up and no photos of champions. Senior champion was Mr B Stonier junior champion Mr M. Billinge.




 The Hot Pot Supper this year was held at Wellocks. The end of season match was fished on the 12th March. 1st Mr Foy 2nd Mr B Hill 3rd Mr F Hardman A change of venue for the Annual Dance this year. It was held at Painters. Work parties this year planted water lilliles, waste bins were erected and the car was removed .A pleasure trip was fished at Loch Ken, on the 30th July. The Multiple Sclerosis Society was adopted as the Club’s Charity. Monday night matches were a sell out. The match teams were formed. “Fur & Feather” match was fished on the 26th November. 1st Mr Rigby 2nd Mr Monoghan 3rd Mr Lynch Largest fish caught at De Brook Pool was a 9½ lb carp caught by Mr D Casey.Heaviest match weight caught by Mr B Rigby. Senior & De Brook Pool Champion was Mr B Hill. Junior Club Champion, Mr C Beard.





This year started off on a sad note with us all hearing of the death of our Honorary Treasurer, Mr Neville Bennet. Nev will always be remembered as one of the founder members of the Club and for all the hard work that he put in to get the Club off the ground and to build the Club up to what it is today.

The bay area of the pool was dug out to provide some more fishable pegs. Working parties were arranged to clear weed from this and other areas of the pool.An out of season trip was arranged to Trawsfynyyndd Reservoir in Wales. This turned out to be very enjoyable for everybody who went. The away trips were arranged to: Stirchley Pool 24th June Buttersley Reservoir 8th July River Trent 19th August River Ribble 9th September River Eden 4th November The Monday evening matches started off in great form, with Mr W Griffin catching a seven pound carp. The Annual Dance was held at the Masonic Hall on the 24th November and again for the Presentation Dance on the 21st March 1980. The trophy winners this year were: De Brook Pool Champion Mr W Griffin Club Champion Mr B Hill Heaviest Match Weight Mr W Griffin Heaviest Fish Caught at De Brook Pool Mr K Rosser Junior Champion Mr A Monohan Some of the club members are now looking forward to the Northern Ireland fishing trip arranged for May 1980 by Mr John Lynch.


 With the club now six years, our activities and ventures are on the increase. This year, 12 of our members went to Northern Ireland on a week long angling holiday.After they returned it has left no doubt that this trip will become an annual event of the club. At this year’s AGM it was decided to increase the membership from 150 to 175. Night fishing was allowed for the first time this year for a trial period only and was controlled on a strict permit only basis for those members who could stay awake long enough. This proved to be an enjoyable venture. The formation of match teams to fish the Captain Morgan Cup and other nationally organized matches. The working parties this year were very well attended and this allowed us to complete all the required work, which included the laying of the remainder of the permanent pegs.

The away trips this year were to:

Trawsfynyndd Reservoir 18th May
The Warwickshire Avon at Hampton Lucy 22nd June
River Dane at Middlewich 20th July
River Severn at Ironbridge 31st August
River Trent at Friskerton 28th September
Buttersley Reservoir 12th October
River Eden at Warwick Hall 6th November
River Trent at Holme Marsh 23rd November
Rudyard Lake 7th December
River Trent at Winthorp 15th February ‘81

The Annual Dance was held on the 31st October. The Presentation Dance on the 20th March 1981. Both events were held at the Masonic Hall.

Our trophy winners this year were:

Club Champion Mr D Casey
De Brook Pool Champion Mr P McCormick
Heaviest Fish Caught at De Brook Pool Mr A Barber
Heaviest Match Weight Mr J Pargeter

A special note about our last major, which is the Neville Bennett Trophy.
Purchased by voluntary contributions, in the memory of our late Honary Treasurer. This trophy was fished for on a knock out basis and was won by Mr P Edwards.
A number of new trophies were purchased this year, some to replace present trophies. The others to form 2nd and 3rd Awards to run with the major trophies